Girls Teams Rosters

Girls teams - Spring, 2022

Wednesday, 3/2 update: Thanks to all who attended tryouts! With just under 40 players, we're happy to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to play. Please know that with roughly two dozen players who have played on a Varsity team at some point, the coaches were forced to make some very tough decisions about team placements. Both our Varsity and JV teams have the benefit of excellent, experienced coaches and both have weekend tournament opportunities coming up later this spring, in addition to the high school season. With 8-9 seniors graduating in 2022, RHS Ultimate needs enthusiastic players at all levels!

Families have until Monday, 3/7 at 9pm to accept their player's spot by making their Team Fee payment of $325 for Varsity or $275 for JV, or making arrangements for confidential financial aid. If you have not made payment or other arrangements by the deadline, your spot may be offered to another player.

  • Preferred and easiest way to pay is to use PayPal to pay (Note: girl is singular, and the last word is "ult" not ulti). Be sure to put your player’s name in the Notes field.

  • If you prefer to send a check, please email for a mailing address. Be sure to include your player's name on your check.

  • If you have payment questions, or would like to request full or partial financial aid, please contact . All inquiries will be kept confidential.

  • If you/your player chooses not to play, DiscNW will refund your registration fee. Please contact to start the process.

Rosters as determined by the coaches, in no particular order:

Varsity Girls

  1. Ana Elisa T-R.

  2. Chloe H.

  3. Sophie (Sam) M.

  4. Vivian H.

  5. Zsa Zsa G.

  6. Nora S.

  7. Chagall G.

  8. Gigi W.

  9. Lucy M.

  10. Anna P.

  11. Ellie B.

  12. Lena M-K.

  13. Keira L.

  14. L. Tanner

  15. Charlotte G.

  16. Emma H.

  17. Aliya M.

  18. Nicole M.

  19. Zoe C.

  20. Bella M.

JV Girls

  1. Abbey K.

  2. Gabby D.

  3. Annika J.

  4. Odessa S.

  5. Sarah L.

  6. Alice E.

  7. Claudia C.

  8. Josie C.

  9. Talia G.

  10. Ava B.

  11. Katy L.

  12. Maeve W.

  13. Nina G.

  14. Laila Z.

  15. Maya S.

  16. Rachel N.